All three of Emirates’ daily flights between Dubai and Munich will now be operated by the A380.

The Bavarian capital joins the ranks of those important Emirates destinations which are served mainly, if not exclusively, by the super jumbo.

With effect from Monday (June 20) Emirates’ third daily flight on the Munich route, which had been operated by B777-300ER equipment, was switched to an A380 on most days of the week.*

Emirates has a monopoly on the Munich route. Lufthansa, who previously also served the route, axed its flights not long ago citing “overcapacity” from the Gulf airlines.

Although Lufthansa continues to serve Dubai from Frankfurt it continues to be outmanoeuvred by Emirates. A glance at the schedules sees Lufthansa operating a single daily Frankfurt-Dubai A330-300 flight. This has to compete against Emirates’ three times daily service, two of which are operated by A380s.

Munich is easily Germany’s most important hub after Frankfurt. The Bavarian city not only attracts passengers from Southern Germany, it is also a favoured gateway for people living in nearby areas of Austria and Switzerland. And for these travellers, Emirates offers not just Dubai but also the many dozens of onward destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

*NB: Although Emirates intends to operate triple daily A380 Munich schedule there are still one or two services operated by B777-300ER in the coming weeks. So check when booking. This situation will change as more A380s arrive (on the Emirates’ fleet).

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Carlson Rezidor will open a new residence complex as part of an expansion project at Radisson Blu Hotel, Maputo.

Radisson Blu became the first international five-star hotel brand in Mozambique following the opening of the 154-room Radisson Blu Hotel, Maputo, and this new development will add an additional 117 serviced apartments managed by the brand.

The 54 studios and 53 one-bedroom apartments span 19 floors and are equipped with free high-speed wi-fi, a refrigerator, microwave and washing machine.

Residence guests also enjoy all the amenities they have come to expect from Radisson Blu with a fitness room and a choice of dining options.

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence’s additional six conference and banqueting suites can accommodate up to 350 people and the three breakout rooms can host up to 18 people in closed-door meetings.
All meeting spaces have floor-to-ceiling windows and are equipped with the latest high-tech amenities. Additional specialised equipment can be provided on request.

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Protea Hotels has signed an agreement for the development of its first hotel in Botswana.

Protea’s new property, scheduled to open in early 2018, will be located in Gaborone, strategically positioned in the new CBD of the city where there are a number of recently-developed corporate head offices, government offices and various retail facilities.

The hotel will offer 160 rooms of various sizes and types, and will also feature substantial conference, meeting and event facilities. The large ballroom, designed for versatile use, can be converted into four meeting rooms, giving the hotel the ability to host up to eight meetings at any time – four in the ballroom and four in the other meeting rooms that are planned. Other facilities include a business centre, bar, restaurant, fitness centre and outdoor pool.

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The Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga will feature 207 rooms and is expected to welcome its first guests in 2019.

The hotel is designed as an urban resort within the ambitious Oceans Umhlanga development – a 90,000m2 high-end complex which will also include luxury apartments and a  shopping mall with some of the world’s leading brands.

Besides 207 rooms and suites with Radisson Blu signature services such as free high-speed internet, the hotel will also offer an all-day-dining restaurant, a lobby bar and coffee shop, a rooftop outdoor bar and terrace, and a business class lounge. The meeting and events area will cover almost 1,200m2, and spa, gym and outdoor pool will complement the facilities.

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According to Visas & Passports Unlimited, the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in South Africa is busy implementing a new system and is not currently accepting any visa submissions.

For applications already submitted, it has advised that processing is expected to take between five and 10 working days.

There is speculation that there will be changes to the visa application form and invitation letter process.

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