The late A.I Kajee took an interest in the educational and social upliftment of the community. He personally contributed to many institutions as well as founded them.  Today the Kajee family still has various charities trusts and schools in A.I Kajees name and still continues in the legacy of upliftment of the community.

Kajee helped build and manage several state-aided Indian Schools, and established the Avalon Bursary Fund with cinema business partner, A.B. Moosa.  This fund assisted individuals from various disadvantaged groups to attend school and university.  In his personal capacity, Kajee donated funds for a number of students to attend university overseas.

Kajee was respected by the Indian Community as well as prominent political figures, including General Jan Smuts.  Shortly after Kajee’s death, Smuts addressed a group of Kajee’s colleagues by saying, ‘The late Mr. Kajee was a very good man to talk things over with, not only to you, but to the government and myself as Prime Minister’ (Calpin 1950: 172).