A.I. Kajee (Pty) Ltd. was formed some 75 years ago by its founder, the late Abdulla Ismail Kajee, who was notable among South African Indian leaders. A.I Kajee was an avid learner and was quite involved in politics. He even had the respect and honour of being the guest of the Queen in 1947 during her visit to Durban.

The Late A.I.Kajee started business by supplying the usual commodities and necessities such as tea, sugar, flour and wheat to the community. In 1922,  the  business was registered as a Broker representing products such as Nestle, Five Roses Tea, S.A. Eagle Insurance Company just to name a few.

In the 1940’s, the company became the selling agents for S.A. Railways, S.A. Airways and agents for steam ships.

The expansion of the company in 1947 included a fully registered Travel Agency, making A.I. Kajee Travel the oldest IATA Agency in the country, 1997 being it’s Golden anniversary. Today the name A.I. Kajee is synonymous with travel.

A.I. Kajee (Pty) Ltd. has been handed down by its founder through the generations and is owned by his Grandson, Mahomed Kajee and the Kajee Family. Mahomed Kajee heads up the Financial Services Businesses under the banners AIK Brokers, PlusSure & Horizon Contact Centre.

His eldest son Zeyad Kajee heads up the Travel Businesses under the banners Kajees Travel (Dynamic Corporate Travel), JetStar (Wholesale Tour Operator), Odyssey Travel & TravelGuru (Holiday Travel).

A.I Kajee has now been re-branded to Kajees Travel which focuses mainly of Corporate Travel. We have had the privilege of working with a loyal client base which the predecessors of  A.I Kajee was instrumental in securing and are proud to still serve many of these long standing relationships.

With a wealth of experience in the travel industry, Kajees Travel has been trusted by the community to deliver best value travel products and services along with a personal touch.

We are equipped with the latest technology, seasoned travel consultants and a passionate management team which makes us the ideal fit for any size of organisation.

We look forward to welcoming your company to our family.