A.I. Kajee (Pty) Ltd. was formed some 75 years ago by its founder, the late Abdulla Ismail Kajee, who was notable among South African Indian leaders.

The Late A.I.Kajee started business by supplying the usual commodities and necessities such as tea, sugar, flour and wheat to the community. In 1922, he registered the business as a Broker and Manufacturer’s representative of Nestle (Switzerland), T.W. Beckett (Five Roses Tea), Quality Products and Natal Oil and Soap products. The business continued to expand and became agents for South British (Guardian National), S.A. Eagle Insurance Company and New India Insurance.

In the 1940’s, the company became the selling agents for S.A. Railways, S.A. Airways and agents for steam ships.

The expansion of the company in 1947 included a fully registered Travel Agency, making A.I. Kajee Travel the oldest IATA Agency in the country, 1997 being it’s Golden anniversary.

Today the name A.I. Kajee is synonymous with travel. A.I. Kajee has held the Top Ten Awards, Outstanding Achievement Award and many other merit awards over the many years due to the high sales support the agency gives the respective airlines. We are also overall winners of the SAA Golden Wings Award, for the third consecutive year.

This, together with the fact that A.I. Kajee Travel services many influential corporate clients , ensures that we maintain a close working relationship with all major airlines, car hire companies, tour operators and hotel groups throughout the country and the world. With this in mind, we can therefore also negotiate far better airfares and alternate routings in order to offer cost effective travel savings.

A.I. Kajee (Pty) Ltd. has been handed down by its founder through the generations and is now operated and owned by Mr. M.I. Kajee (Managing Director) and the Kajee Family.

With the inclusion of new airlines in recent years, competition is rife. We will introduce you to all airlines and the many incentive packages they have on offer for both international and domestic travel.

Kajees Travel will make reservations for you at any hotel of your choice, both nationally and internationally. We can secure corporate discounts with several leading hotel groups as well as Stop-over and Fly-stay packages at special rates.

Today, for your convenience kiosks are stationed at all airports, enabling easy and efficient access to your rental vehicle .We will negotiate the maximum discount for both domestic and international car rental deals with leading and smaller car rental companies.


Rest assured that we, at Kajees Travel, are dedicated to all our clients – big or small. We are happy to disclose details of our clients should you wish to obtain references on us. Please contact us on 087-285-5391.